“Functionality, aesthetics, and peace of mind.”

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Thomas Schulze
Managing Partner

“Global studies and decades of experience in securing windows and doors against break-ins and ballistics have guided the development of our products. We work meticulously on the everyday usability of our security systems throughout the development of safety standards. Our concern for keeping security concealed so as not to disturb everyday life plays a significant role in this process.”


Mechanical break-in defence
for windows and French doors

Sik Tec manufactures mechanical break-in defences in resistance class RC 2 DIN for retrofitting on windows and French doors. Our patented security systems are easily installed on site on single or double windows and French doors. In addition to the patented system components, we can deliver the corresponding drill jigs on request to ensure a smooth and quick installation. RC3 and RC4 with your own products, in accordance with our tried and tested specifications and contents.

The benefits: you avoid all development costs, a lengthy and risky testing process, and not least, incalculable expenses that quickly accrue in this industry. We eliminate this uncertainty. Moreover, you can focus on running your business efficiently while being able to capture a brand new business domain. Window security offers not only excellent financial opportunities, but a rapidly growing market. The revenue, and with it the profit, stays with your company. Good, stable production is not just good news for employees. Note: these systems will also be available in ballistics resistance classes BR 4 and BR 6 (BR 6 only in wood-aluminium) from June, 2019.




Security is a basic need—today more than ever.

Wars, burglaries, and assaults are on the rise. Whereas yesterday wealth, luxury cars, or holiday trips ranked first on people’s wish lists, current studies show that today’s most important need is a sense of security. Protect you, your family, and your property. We support you. Since 1998 we have developed and produced security windows and doors. In cooperation with specialised European partners, we develop individual and holistic security concepts.

All of our projects are treated with 100% confidentiality. This is one of the reasons we have succeded in this field for almost 20 years. Each project is handled throughout the entire planning and execution phase using an anonymous project number and stays coded for suppliers and our own staff. This concept has been well-tested and proved over years: safety for our clients, as well as our employees.


RC1N offers little protection. Using only a screwdriver, the window can be opened within 3 minutes—the attempt of a casual housebreaker.

RC2N suffices for basic protection. Within only 3 minutes the element can be broken up just by the use of a screwdriver, pliers and a wedge. Again this is just the simulation of the attempt of a casual housebreaker.

RC3 already resists much stronger forces. In the test an attempt is made to force open the window with a claw wrench, a crowbar, and screwdrivers within 5 minutes.

RC4 simulates a 10 minute attempt by an experienced offender with access to saws and striking tools such as an axe, a hammer and chisel, and a cordless electric drill.

In RC5, the experienced burglar can also use heavy power tools, such as angle grinders or a hammer drill. Time frame: 15 minutes.

Our safety standard for retrofitted products is limited to resistance class RC2. Our safety standard for new products runs from RC3 to RC5. Thus we offer comprehensive mechanical protection in elegant product solutions with small physical profiles, respecting the character of the building.


Safety at sea


Piracy at sea is increasing significantly and the assaults are becoming ever more brutal and ruthless. Formerly pirates aimed to loot cash, jewellery, and other valuables. This has changed dramatically in recent years. Well-organised gangs now specialise in kidnapping in order to extort large sums of money. The hostages are often transferred to hide-outs on shore, sometimes having to persevere for months until they are released. Measures used aboard against piracy offer little real protection against these raids. It is hard to stop heavily armed pirates with water cannons and barbed wire.

Panic room

Experts are advising against arming crews to prevent violence from escalating on both sides. The safety of the passengers and crew is the first priority. If pirates cannot be prevented from boarding, the only remaining option is to withdraw into a panic or safe room. Modern safe rooms not only provide protection against extreme violence. They also offer integrated communications technology as well as access to the vessel’s control systems.

Security doors

Security doors can provide not only protection in combination with safe rooms, but also prevent offenders from intruding from the outset. Yachts, with their low freeboard and bathing platforms, are especially vulnerable to burglary and piracy because offenders can easily access the deck. By using high-quality security glass and resistant security doors, you can maximize safety on board your yacht. In this way, many attempts at intrusion will already end on the outer deck. Not every harbour can provide sufficient protection against burglary. But a well-protected yacht can—even at sea. Safe rooms protect lives and improve quality of life on board.

Quality management

Independent agencies regularly test our products and corroborate their suitability for making life safer. Therefore, you can trust our products. Only few companies in Europe undergo this rigorous testing—even fewer in the wood processing industry. Since we continuously coordinate all operations in-house—from the development of innovative products to project supervision and consultation—we can guarantee a high standard. 

Clearly defined internal processes, communication and information flows, and ongoing quality control assure the high standard of our products and services, which, as mentioned, are monitored and tested by an independent agency. Continuous training of our employees is, along with the contribution of expressly innovative subcontractors, the foundation for superior, cutting-edge products.


Experience since 1856

We enjoy 160 years of experience in wood-working. Over 5 generations, we have accumulated and safeguarded our know-how in the field of traditional wood processing. In recent years, we have developed from being a mere manufacturer to being a provider of high resistance class systems for windows and French doors, including entry doors. The complicated demands on today’s safety standards in window construction underlie our continuous adaptation and evolution. As an owner-managed medium-sized company, we operate all over Europe.

For decades we have developed integrated concepts together with experienced electronic security companies, from securing peripheries, to building exteriors, to safe rooms. In everything we do, mechanical security always takes priority over electronic security. Possible incidents are reported electronically ‘only’ so that the protected person can take all necessary steps to bring herself and others to safety until the emergency services arrive. Our complete concept includes a safe room—a space that, again, offers very effective protection. (Resistance class RC 5/ BR6).