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Security system

Sik Lock

siklock1 v2

Superbly straightforward installation, visually inconspicuous, efficiently securing your windows: this is what characterizes Sik Lock. Mounting Sik Lock requires only a 30mm diameter cup hole in the frame.


siklock2 v2

The bolt replaces a screw in the frame and is firmly secured with a cap screw. A pin giving supplementary holding force is screwed into the window casement.


siklock3 v2

Quick installation and high efficiency make Sik Lock a major component for upgrading break-in defences.


Description of installation and function


Electronic monitoring of the locking function

Upon request, Sik Lock can be expanded electronically to immediately recognize disturbances that might indicate a break-in and to communicate this to your intruder alarm.

lock electronic1


Download the installation instructions 
quickly and conveniently in PDF format.


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Installation instruction PDF 2,4 MB u59