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Experts in mechanical security for windows and doors and a member of the Deutsche Sachverständigen Gesellschaft

„Invisible security“ is our passion

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Thomas Schulze

Expert in mechanical security for windows and doors
Managing associate, Sik Tec GmbH

As certified experts in the field of mechanical security, we work for an array of insurance companies in the German-speaking world.

We offer:
- Risk assessments concerning personal protection for your safety.
- Comprehensive consultation concerning the prevention of break-ins and attacks.
- Mechanical and supplementary electronic security products (Sik Tec GmbH’s defining concept).
- Conceptually, our security deliberations begin at the legal property line. Our next step is to examine the building exterior. Finally, we concentrate on your private space for retreat. This retreating space is then secured to resistance class RC5. Following Sik Tec’s ‘invisible security’ slogan, in normal circumstances, this security door disappears into a specially-developed wall structure.

Should you desire a consultation or appraisal, we would be delighted to hear from you.